The city of Cannes

Cannes was originally a small fishing town. However, in the nineteenth century, the city had a major development, notably thanks to Lord Henry Brougham and Vaux, great Chancellor of England, who moved to the French town. That attracts the English and European aristocracy and here it is starting to build magnificent winter houses. Like most places of the French Riviera, the city is well known for its prestigious population.

International fame comes around the mid-twentieth century thanks to the Film Festival, which becomes a real institution for the European cinema industry.

Today, the Cannes Film Festival has passed 60 editions and its international prestige continues to attract tourists and lovers of Côte d'Azur from all over the world.

Croisette, Rue Meynadier, the old town, the Palais des Festivals and its famous red carpet will no longer have secrets for you by choosing Cannes as the destination of your holidays!

What to see in Cannes

When you think of Cannes, the first thought goes to Croisette: the long and evocative avenue that runs along the coast: on one side the long golden beach of Cannes, on the other the glittering shop windows, boutiques and luxury hotels.

But Cannes is not just a promenade: do not miss Suquet and Old harbor, today a luxury yacht mooring but once the heart of the city and symbol of its connection with the world of fishing.

Rue Meynadier is the pedestrian street where you can enjoy the view and the palate with the many typical Provençal specialty shops.

And for luxury shopping lovers, the compelling stop is Rue d'Antibes, where you can try out the sparkling high fashion showcases! There is space also for the most typical shopping with the markets where you can buy antiques, clothing, flowers, fish and fruit.

Art and architecture lovers will certainly appreciate the city's museums such as Malmaison, Musée de la Castre, theSea Museum on the island of Santa Margherita and the Miramar area.

The Cinema Festival

The most anticipated event of the year, when Cannes becomes the attraction pole of cinematic art. A parade of film stars and directors, who come here to preview their works, projected on the big screen of the Palais des Festival et des Congrés. The event attracts not only industry professionals, but also movie enthusiasts and curious hunters, in the period when the city becomes a small European-style Hollywood. The highlight of the event is the delivery of the Golden Palm for the best film, delivered to the film that won the applause of the jurors.

If your dream is to come to Cannes during the Festival of Cinema, the advice is to book in advance, because the city at that time has a high number of visits!

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